Facts To Know About Bian Lian Performances

Bian Lian, also known as Face Changing performance, refers to an old dramatic art that is associated with Chinese opera from Sichuan Province. Bian Lian is ranked as level two national secret and also considered to be part of China’s top cultural heritage.

History of Bian Lian Performancesunique mask

The Bian Lian performance was first practiced around 300 years ago, during the Qing dynasty. The performance started as a survival technique. People used to paint all sorts of colors & designs on their faces with the aim of frightening wild animals, but over time the act turned into a dramatic art that is now performed on stage.

Over this entire time, Bian Lian performances have been surrounded by mystery, since no performer is willing to reveal the trade secrets. Bian Lian learned the technique from his father and passed it to the apprentices. However, girls were not taught the art with the main fear being that they would give away the secret to another family when they got married. Later in 1998, the taboo of teaching girls the Bian Lian art was broken when master Peng taught eight girls. Nevertheless, up to now men still dominate the field of Face Changing since the only well-known woman performer is Candy Chong

Further research indicates that the practice was also used by Robin Hood, who stole properties from the rich people and gave the poor. Robin trained the poor to use the Bian Lian technique to change their appearances and hence, confuse the guards and escape whenever concerned.

Mask changing

The speed and skill with which artists in China modify their beautifully-painted masks have greatly captured the imagination of many people worldwide over centuries. Performers elegantly swing their arms, turn their heads and raise their hands, every time boasting new and better masks. The secret and ability to change up to twenty masks during one performance with no one realizing. This is what fascinates the audiences.

Quality of performances is steadily improving

It should be noted that during early years when the technique was used in Sichuan opera performances, the face changers were not as skilled as they are nowadays. They performed in a less tricky way such that they went back stage to change their masks. However, over time the expectations of the audience grew, so they were forced to perk up their performances.

There are two types of Face Changing; the significant change and the small change. The big change is the most impressive while the small change requires performers to change only part of their appearances. Plastering, pulling and powdering are the primary methods used to alter face appearances.…


The United States is all geared up for a new season of music festivals where fans get to enjoy the performances of their favorite artists, both emerging stars and GRAMMY winners, in one fell swoop.

We present here a carefully-composed list of the best live music events across the States in the coming months.

Music Festivals List

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1. WE Fest – Detroit Lakes, Minnesota (August 7-9):

Since 1983, the country music fans have been retreating to the Soo Pass Ranch in the first weekend of August, for the WE Fest.

For a complete Fest experience, you must pitch a tent or park your trailer on the festival grounds. This event is annually attended by over 85,000 people.

The eminent performers who signed up to perform this year include Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Travis Tritt, Brad Paisley and the Band Perry.

2. Lollapalooza – Chicago (August 1-3):

Since its inception in 1991 by Perry Farrell as his band’s farewell tour, the Lollapalooza remained quite popular till 1997.

After a hiatus, Farrell re-started the event as a weekend destination festival in Grant Park, Chicago. This festival became so popular that it was launched in Chile and Brazil as well, in 2011.

During its two or three day period, the festival hosts over 160,000 music lovers who throng the Chicago city. The lineup of artists due to perform in 2016 includes Eminem, Arctic Monkeys, Skrillex and Lords of Neon.

Overall, more than 100 artists perform on multiple stages.

3. Bonnaroo – Manchester (June 12-15):

If you love savoring great music in the countryside, you can’t miss the Bonnaroo Music Festival held in a 700 acre farm with over 10 stages.

It typically starts on the second Thursday in June and lasts for 4 days. Its main attractions include a diverse array of musical styles including hip hop, classic rock, indie rock, folk, gospel, reggae and electronica.

As of 2015, this festival saw an attendance of over 80,000 people.

4. Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas (June 20-22):

Now in its eighteenth year in Las Vegas, the EDC is an unbelievable audio-visual experience.

With over 180 artists and large scale art-installations, this event hosts live music parties from dusk until dawn. It is also the biggest music festival outside of Europe.

In 2015, it drew an audience of more than 400,000.

Music genres include EDM, drum and bass, dance-punk, techno, trance and more.

5. Essence Music Festival – New Orleans (July 3-6):MUSIC FESTIVALS IN THE UNITED STATES (3)

Dubbed as “the party with a purpose”, this festival was started in 1994.

It is also the largest event celebrating the African-American culture and music in the US.

This year, the artists who’ll perform at this event include Erykah Badu, Lionel Ritchie, the Roots, Jill Scott, Ledisi and Charlie Wilson.

We hope this music festivals 2016 USA list helped you to pick your favorite event.