The Best Paintball Guns Reviews

Best top paintball guns & accessories are the secret to having the best paintball adventure. Whether it the woodsball or speedball using the finest guns makes all the difference. Manufacturers have gone many miles ahead in innovation to provide some of the best paintball guns with features that enhance paintball experience. Below we look at a review of some of the best guns on the market.

The best paintball guns review.

What is a paintball gun?

They are also called paintball markers. It is the ‘’weapons’’ a player uses while playingPaintball Guns paintball with the opponent. They come in the shape of a standard rifle but uses shells filled with thick, colored water based paint that burst open upon hitting the target.

Empire BT 4

Starters of the paintball are well-taken care here. This combat gun will give premium service and good value for money. Its durability cannot be matched as it has an aluminum clamshell. The convenience is also very high as it takes care of starters blowback challenge with a well-designed system. The newbies can enjoy the simplicity of this marker in terms of usage. Some of its features include:

  • Exterior speed adjuster
  • Modular trigger
  • Stainless steel bottom line
  • Works well with regular compressed CO2
  • A5 barrel threads
  • One year full-service warranty
  • Light in weight

The Empire BT TM 15

This is a maker for pros. It offers advanced features that are not for every Tom Dick and Hurry. Those who have gained experience in paintball will find this very useful. Those who play advanced woodsball will be able to maneuver well and take great shots with this masterpiece. It is built to last and offers silent shots from its electro-pneumatic system. Its features include the following:

  • Strong, lightweight magnesium body
  • A four position firing modes
  • Sound signature reduction capability
  • Universal barrel threads
  • One-finger trigger
  • Fast replacement battery
  • Fully electronic

man using Paintball GunsThe two reviews above highlight some of the best markers in the market both for starters and pros. Each category is fitted with customized features to suit the player. The bottom line is to make them enjoy and get thrilled like they were in a real war zone movie or video game. The guns are affordable and give good value for money. Durability and efficiency are the key issues emphasized if you notice. If you are planning to own one, now you know some of the best to go for.…