Ultimate guide to streaming videos online

One good reason to watch videos online is the high cost of using a cable service. All it takes to view movies on the net is a computer and internet connection. Since you probably already have an internet connection at home to check email and to surf the net, you might as well use it to watch videos too. To be able to watch movies online, you will need a reasonably fast internet connection.

Slow internet connections will cause your movies to freeze. Some websites will let you see the shows for a small fee while other websites offer the service for free. Most of the websites that charge a small fee will have better-streaming videos that will freeze less frequently than the free websites.


Guide to streaming videos online

Start up your computer to begin the installation process

Install the TV tuner card drivers on your computer. You can install it by using a CD that comes with the tuner card, or via the manufacturer’s online installation program. You can do it the latter way if you do not have the CD. Launch the software or download the software recommended by the website.

Power off your computer and unplug it from the outlet

If you bought an external card, then place it in the USB slot. Look for a free USB slot at the back of the CPU casing. Some desktop computers have USB slots in front of the CPU case. Do not force the USB in because these parts are made to fit int
o the proper slots smoothly without being forced in.

Take the metal plate or expansion slot cover from the case

It should be the part that is aligned with the PCI slot. Now connect the TV coaxial cable to the port on your TV tuner card. Do not use the slot that says FM. When that is done, reconnect the cables you removed earlier and plug in your computer to the electrical socket.


Find websites that let you enjoy watching TV shows online for free

Read instructions about downloading the appropriate software that will make the streaming video work. Some websites use software that is already pre-installed in your browser. Some websites will let you watch shows directly on their website without requiring you to download software.

You can watch TV shows on your flat screen TV if you connect your computer to your LCD or HDTV unit. This allows you to enjoy the movie on a wider screen. This is especially helpful if you and the whole family intend to watch movies together. Watching a movie on a small computer monitor may be alright if only 1 or 2 people are going to view it.…